SEO Split Testing And Video Upgrade


An Entirely Split-Tested and Optimized Business Strategy

Data driven is a term that a lot of businesses like to throw around, but what does it really mean?
Well essentially, it means that you will be making decisions based on pure data that comes from research and testing, rather than decisions that are based on hunches and emotion. Often, we make the mistake of thinking that we know our audience. We might say to ourselves that because we would prefer a web page to be blue, so too must everyone else. We then make a change, and find that it actually hurts our profits.

So what do you do? You test. And this can help you to build a business strategy that absolutely cannot fail. To demonstrate, let’s see how you might conduct split tests (comparing two versions of something) and other tests in order to build an ideal business selling an eBook.

The Set Up

To get started, you are going to choose a digital product to sell, then create a sales page to sell it from. The digital product can be an eBook you bought the rights to, and the sales page will talk about how that eBook can help the readers.

You then choose your target demographic and you attempt to conduct some SEO on a related blog in a bid to get your sales page to the top of Google for a related search term.

You might also use some advertising in order to drive more sales.

As long as you make more money on average from each visitor than you spend, then this simply business model will generate income as you sleep. Pretty straightforward!

How to Win

Problem is, that countless people try this and fail.

Why? Because they choose the wrong eBook. They market to the wrong people. They set the price wrong. They aren’t good at persuasive writing. Or they don’t do their SEO correctly.

Testing can solve all these issues.

First, choose a product that you already know is selling well. Many PLR products will provide some sales figures you can go off. You know this book sells, so you know the product won’t be the issue.
Next, use split tests to create the ideal sales page with a high conversion rate (meaning a high proportion of people who land on the page go on to buy something from you).

A split test means you’ll make two identical copies of your sales page apart from one small difference (the headline, the size of the text, etc.). You then send half of your visitors to page A and half to page B and you see which version sells the most copies.

You can do the same thing with the price as well to get the idea price for your book!
Before you perform any SEO, try out the top of the SERPs for different keywords by using AdWords. You can then see which keywords have the right intent for your product BEFORE you invest a huge amount of time or money into SEO.

Finally, use split testing to write articles with the ideal SEO techniques. Do all this and your business model will evolve to become the perfect cash-cow!


The Ultimate Quick SEO Cheat-Sheet

SEO might be a completely foreign concept to you. This stands for Search Engine Optimization, and essentially is a set of practices that are designed to help a website perform well on Google. That means reaching the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and getting lots of clicks (CTR = click through rate).

But how precisely do you go about this? What are the key things you need to be doing as a new site owner? This site will jump into the very basics and give you just enough information to start doing SEO right, without paying for a pro or spending years reading.

The Basics

In order to be successful on SEO, you need to create a website that Google can find and understand, and a website that Google things is high quality. To make a website Google can find and understand, you need to make sure lots of sites point at your page – ideally sites that are in the same niche (subject matter) as you.

At the same time, you need to think about what you want people to search for in order to find your website, and you need to subtly include that term in your content and your files. You should also make sure that your site is structured with lots of internal links, and that you fill out such things as your meta description.

Don’t overuse your keywords as this can make it looks as though you are trying to ‘game’ the system and trick Google.

For the second part – demonstrating that your site is high quality – you need to try and keep visitors on your page for as long as possible, and you need to include lots of good content. You should also ensure your site loads quickly and that it is easy to use on any device.

Finally, getting lots of high quality links to your page will help with this as well – because it will show to Google that other people recommend your site.


Keeping all this in mind, there are a number of simple steps you will need to follow if you want to conduct good SEO. Here are they:
• Research popular search terms

• Write posts around these subjects and attempt to use the key terms with a density of around 1-3% (meaning that percentage of your content is made up from them)

• Keep content fairly long, between 800-1,500 words

• Post regularly

• Place key terms in your article title, one header, and the first and last paragraph of your poss wherever possible

• Put the key term in your meta description

• Write blogs for other sites where possible and ask them to link back to you in return

• Choose sites that are popular with Google and that appear in their featured and news sections

All this will help you to conduct good SEO and put you on the right path. From there, you can start looking into more advanced techniques, such as split testing and using analytics.


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